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Friday, August 2, 2013

Losing hope again...

I´m so down today. I´m currently on day 19 dpo, and i have made pregnancy tests almost every day since i first got my bfp. They haven't got any darker, in fact, i even see them lighter. My doctor made a blood sample on 14 dpo, and my HCG was 50. It is on the low range, but still normal. She took another sample today, at 19 dpo, but i won´t know the results until next week. I´m pretty pessimistic since my test look ligther as days pass. Also no symptoms at all. 

I´m taking 400 mg of progesterone per day, 200 mg twice a day. I´m afraid the progesterone is only going to delay my miscarriage.

I thought after one miscarriage i had good options to go and have a baby in the second try... I still have some hope, but my brain is really telling me that this is not going to finish well.

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