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Thursday, July 25, 2013

i got my BFP!! I´m over the moon!!!

I have some terrific news: i got my BFP!! I´m over the moon!!!

I know i haven´t posted much since i started this blog, but i have been so down the last months and needed to stay away from it. Now i intend to post all the knowledge i have gained the last 5 months since my miscarriage. I have done a lot of research, gone to many medical appointments, try acupuncture, ovulation tests and vitamins. I will tell you my experience in the following posts. Please, feel free to ask about anything you want to know and i´ll try to provide some answers based on my experience.

Actually, yesterday (at 10 dpo) i got a very faint line using the One Step Pregnancy Test. These are the cheapest tests i could find on Amazon. You can see in the picture how the tests look. However, i think it is hard to see the positive lines at 10 and 11 dpo, but believe they are there! On the water control and the 9 dpo tests there was absolutely nothing. The 11 dpo one is a bit darker than the 10 dpo. Just to make sure, i tested today with a ClearBlue Digital, which showed that i´m pregnant and conceived 1-2 weeks ago.

Well, I wanted to post this so you can know what to expect when testing with these cheap tests, the  faintest line is a positive! :) However, as you might know, testing this early has the drawback that you might have a very early miscarriage you wouldn´t have known about hadn´t you tested. Anyway, i prefer to end the 2 week-wait as soon as possible :)

Good luck to all!

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